Trauma Recovery Programme

Trauma Recovery Programme

It is feasible to carry out this trauma support programme, which consists of virtual group sessions and culminating in a group residential, on a worldwide level.

This programme is comprised of a proficient team of individuals with lived experience of overcoming trauma. The techniques utilised are based on integrated therapy and trauma theory.

We require a minimum committment of five participants to run this programme with a deposit paid by a pre-determined date. For more information please contact us or download the flyer below.

32 Hours

Approximately, of therapeutic support from trained professionals and group support from your peers


X5 (2 Hour) Virtual Group Meetings

(X3 prior and X2 post programme)


Opportunity to participate in a variety of modalities including therapeutic art, play, and 1:1 support 

Safe Space

Time to reflect and work on your individual experiences

Frequently asked questions

How do I know Recentre is right for me?

If you get in touch with us at we can arrange for a phone call to take place whereby we explore what it is you are looking for and whether our programme is right for you. 

At this time, we  can also discuss fees and payment options. This initial call is free of  charge to all those interested in participating in the programme.  

Alternatively,  if you wish to discuss the programme via email, we can also accommodate  this however if you do wish to proceed, we will need to arrange a phone call as an assessment prior to attending.

What is trauma-informed care?

Recentre is based on the 6 pillars of trauma-informed care:

  1. Trustworthiness and transparency –   We take a relational approach with the goal of creating trust with all people we encounter. We are transparent in our actions and honest in what is in our scope of work.
  2. Safety – We will ensure that the person is comfortable in the space and always strive to provide an environment that is supportive and focused. We are always alert to possible signs of stress that could impair emotional safety. 
  3. Choice –  We ensure to give the person choices about the way conversations are held and develop and give the person as many choices as possible when working with them. 
  4. Empowerment, Voice and Choice – We understand that interpersonal trauma often stems from and fosters dis-empowerment, and we take steps to ensure the person feels more empowered. We also recognise that trauma which occurs in relationships erodes self-esteem and a person’s sense of their own abilities which is why we aim to identify ways to make our interactions respectful, democratic and inclusive. We encourage individuals to use their voice and we provide choices in all things we do.
  5. Collaboration – We always work on the assumption that the person can act on their own behalf and recognise that we engage more effectively with the people when we can make decisions together.
  6. Cultural, Historical and Gender  – We always look at the whole person which includes their cultural and historical experiences as well as their gender identity. We offer culturally responsive services; we recognize and will work to address historical trauma.




Are there discounts on your services?

We do sometimes offer discounts in our newsletters, so it is definitely worth signing up to keep updated with us and anything we offer.

Do I need to be attending therapy prior to the residential?

We highly recommend you have a therapist/counsellor/coach. If you are unable to access a professional prior to attending please contact us as we can find you a professional within our network. 

What if I want to gift someone your services?

If you want to gift a loved one or an employee a voucher for any part of our programme, please contact us at