Healthcare Training

Trauma-informed care is not just an approach, it's a necessity.
- Dr. Nadine Burke Harris

Healthcare Training

Trauma-Informed Care

Gain a deeper understanding of trauma, its sources, impact, and prevalence, and how it can present in patients.

Create Safe Spaces

Learn the principles of trauma-informed care and gain practical skills to create a safe space for your team and patients in your healthcare practice.

Build Confidence

Develop the confidence to have conversations about trauma and the knowledge to provide appropriate support.

A Well-Regulated Practice

This training is designed to help you create an inclusive work environment, enhance patient care, and improve healthcare performance. Our training equips you with techniques to manage and prevent burnout, a significant problem among medical professionals. With an empathetic approach, this workshop enables you to lead and address trauma-related issues with knowledge and care, resulting in better relationships and improved health outcomes.

Personal impact of negative expereinces

Explore how trauma impacts you as a practioner, including the effects of vicarious trauma, compassion fatigue, and burnout.

Build better relationships

Gain enhanced knowledge on how trauma affects interactions and relationships, and how to apply trauma-informed principles to build trust and improve communication.

Practical Tools

Become informed to recognise and avoid burnout and develop confidence in having conversations about trauma. Additionally, explore options for your organisation to better support people affected by trauma in more detail.

The Well-Regulated Practioner

Our practitioner training workshop focuses on trauma-informed principles to build inclusive workplaces and enhance wellbeing for staff and patients. Through new skills and techniques, including stress management and positive reframing, we will educate on how to prevent burnout and improve performance. Join us to embed trauma-informed principles and emotions in the change process.

Patient Awareness

Gain a deeper understanding of trauma and its impact on your patients to enhance your ability to provide support.

Improve interactions

Learn how trauma affects interactions and relationships to improve communication and build trust with patients.

Practical Skills

Acquire practical tools and techniques to manage difficult situations, improving your ability to provide patient-centered care. Additionally, you’ll learn stress management, self-care, and regulation strategies that can be applied both personally and professionally

The Well-Regulated Patient

This training will equip practioners with the knowledge and skills needed to support their patients by highlighting the relationship between their experiences and well-being. We emphasise the importance of early intervention and open communication in promoting better health outcomes with your patients. Participants will learn how to educate and collaborate with patients towards a more patient-centered approach that enhances the quality of care.

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