Based in Northern Ireland, we are a trauma-informed team of individuals  who are dedicated to helping you heal from your trauma in a safe and confidential way. We are modelled after similar evidence based programmes in the United States. 

Recentre is founded by an American, who herself had been through a trauma support programme and residential. Now living in Northern Ireland, Holly is hoping to impart the same support she had access to and help others to thrive after trauma.

Trauma can affect you in many different ways, each a valid reaction to abnormal circumstances. These reactions can be physical, mental, or both. Please download our brochure for further details on how our programme supports trauma healing.

The Team

Holly Perreault

Founder & CEO

Trauma Recovery Coach

Holly Perreault is an adult survivor of childhood abuse. Her message is that breaking the silence is the key to breaking intergenerational cycles of abuse and trauma.

Holly shares several personal examples of her trauma including how she was able to speak up, choose forgiveness and finally, heal the wounds through a variety of recovery opportunities.

It is with Holly’s vision, through kindness, compassion, and selflessness, that Recentre exists.

To view Holly’s TedX & Trauma Summit talks visit the link below

Jane Braiden

Operations & Holistic Director

Jane Braiden supports the CEO in building the Recentre team, partnerships, and leads holistic programming. She has lived experience of navigating anxiety and depression, two common symptoms of trauma.

Jane is an Executive Coach and a member of the Association of Coaching. She is currently studying an MSc in Applied Positive Psychology & Coaching Psychology.

She facilitates workshops about trauma-informed practice, stress management, energy management, well-being, managing self-doubt, emotional intelligence and resilience. She has 20 years’ experience in management and leadership roles across a range of industries.

Niamh Callaghan

Communications & Logistics Coordinator

Niamh Callaghan is responsible for communicating Recentre’s core ethos across multiple platforms and public campaigns. She is now currently studying an MSc in Applied Developmental Psychology at Queens University Belfast.

After studying art at foundation level prior to her degree, Niamh’s lived experience of childhood trauma made her realise she wanted to explore a future that enabled her to help support others in a therapeutic setting.

Merging her love of all things creative, Niamh is passionate about creating an inclusive approach to communication. By adapting the transformative power art media has in breaking down barriers, her aim is always to create compelling and innovative content that can inform and support by way of expression.

Annmarie McCarthy

Integrative Psychotherapist

SEP Practitioner
Private Practice Dublin

Michelle McMaster

Trauma Recovery Consultant

Founder, Kintsugi Healing
Group Facilitator

Therapists & Holistic Professionals

Your healing will be supported by qualified coaches, therapists and holistic practitioners.
Our therapists are experienced in helping people work through the impact of trauma from a range of sources: sexual abuse/assault, domestic violence, physical injury, disruptive family systems, loss of children, the conflict in Northern Ireland and more. They do this using talking and behavioural therapies and techniques that involve the body and nervous system too.
Our coaches, who are trauma-informed, will help you to own your strengths and build resilience. Our holistic practitioners will help you to feel grounded and stable; they will give you tools to regain body and mind connection and bring you to a space that you feel safe enough to heal from.
We also have a team of business experts working across operations, communications and corporate services to ensure your safety and that you have a high-quality healing experience.

Advisory Board

Our advisory board sits at the heart of everything we do at Recentre to ensure the utmost safety and support for everyone involved.   

Peter Lockhart  

Professional background – Counselling Supervision

Leadership & Management | CBT |  Trauma Studies | Therapeutic Counselling  

Trisha Forbes    

Chairperson of the Board for the NI Mental Health Arts Festival  

Professional background –  Person-centered Counselling

Research Fellow in the School of Social Sciences, Education, and Social Work in Queens University Belfast  

Gareth Patterson  

Professional background –  GP – NHS & Private Practice

GP Specialty Training | Member of the Royal College of General Practitioners