What Is Trauma?

Trauma refers to experiences that cause intense physical and psychological stress reactions. This may be from a single event, multiple events or a set of circumstances experienced by an individual as physically and emotionally harmful or threatening and that has lasting adverse affects on the individuals physical, social and emotional, or spiritual well-being.

(Adapted from SAMSHA 2014)

Who We Are

Recentre is the first of its kind in Northern Ireland. With our professionals that are trained in Trauma-Informed care, we aim to create communities across the world that can begin to thrive after trauma. Everyone at Recentre has come from different experiences and different walks of like but all of us have the same common interest in wanting to create a safe environment for everyone that needs it.

What We Do

We create psychologically safe environments in all that we do. Whether that be through our training sessions, therapeutic virtual process groups or at our in-person residentials. The impact that our programmes and training has had in Northern Ireland and beyond, has allowed for individuals to learn the tools and techniques to thrive and allow them to find a safe space within.

“The difference that I feel in myself. Not only how much better I feel in myself, but others have noticed it as well. Over the programme, I found my voice.”

— Testimony from a participant in our pilot residential programme

Our Mission

To create a world of communities and people that can thrive after trauma.

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